True or False:  It is easier to convince you to eat a Big Mac than to convince you that eating a Big Mac is a good thing to do.

True or False:  It is easier to convince you to go to Las Vegas than to convince you that going to Las Vegas is a smart thing to do.

If you answered “true” to both of the questions above, you’re either A) very smart or B) one of the individuals who attended last night’s Rebus Event at Hoffman | Lewis.

A quote from marketing guru Jack Trout and an excerpt from Hoffman | Lewis’s Performance-Based Advertising Model says it best:

“If your assignment is to change people’s minds, don’t take it.”

On November 10, 2009, 50+ members came together at Hoffman | Lewis to interact, entertain, and engage in all things advertising.   The topic of the night: PBA, or what Hoffman | Lewis has coined, “Performance-Based Advertising.”

The night started off with a brief Q + A led by Mark Schaeffer, president of Hoffman | Lewis’s St. Louis office.  The first question he asked the rowdy members of Rebus: “Why are you here?”  Among the most popular responses were to network, to learn, to find out more about different companies, and most importantly, to get some free food and beer.  Some things never change.

Next up was Mark Manion, VP and Creative Director at Hoffman | Lewis who entertained the audience with some recent work done for a few of their biggest brands:  McDonalds, Ashley Furniture, and Missouri Tourism.  Highlights included Office Zombies in serious need of some coffee, Cowboy Dave lassoing low prices in the wrong store, and some 30-second spots that will make you consider staying a little closer to home for your next vacation.

To cap off the event, Hoffman | Lewis brought in the most important piece of the puzzle: an actual client.  Brian Hall, Chief Marketing Officer of the St. Louis Convention and Visitors Commission, walked us through the process of taking St. Louis from what some consider “flyover country” to what he considers a literal diamond in the rough.

For those wondering what to expect from a Rebus event, here’s what I can tell you: you can expect coolers, cocktails, cameras, and commercials. You will meet creatives, copywriters, account planners, and interns.  Most importantly, you’ll make acquaintances, create connections, and establish relationships with the best and brightest St. Louis has to offer.

A special thanks goes out to Hoffman | Lewis for hosting such a fabulous event.  Lessons were learned, friendships were made, and stories were shared.  We look forward to doing it again in January. So, how about making that New Year’s resolution early and making sure to get on the Bus in 2010!

Find out more about Hoffman | Lewis and see all of their work at http://hlinstl.com

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