Subway Press Release

A fictitious press release created to advertise and promote Jared Fogle's 10-year anniversary with Subway and his stop in St. Louis, MO.

Axe Creative Brief

How to introduce Axe hair products into the market while delivering an impactful and entertaining message the builds on the existing Axe brand and increases consumption across all product lines.  Increase sales in female demographic (moms & girlfriends).

Cupcakery Press Release

A press release created for St. Louis's first cupcake-inspired bakery.  

Profile Piece:  Dale Ley III

Emerging Into the Upper Deck of Eduation - A profile piece on my internship coordinator, Westminster College's multimedia designer, and aspiring baseball card designer Dale Ley III.

11 Ways to be a Leader in the Age of Globalization

My first published article printed in over 6,000 issues of Westminster College's Alumni Publication Leadership.  Outlines 11 key facets of leadership as heard during the 2009 Symposium on Democracy.

Axe New Activation Campaign

New media strategy for Axe Hair products based around the idea of "The Axe Upgrader."  Includes online, social media, interactive, mobile marketing, in-store ads, and promotional events.