Have you ever wondered what your favorite band is doing right now?  How about your favorite actor?  How about that movie that you just can’t wait to see?  Wouldn’t it be great to get some behind the scenes footage from the set?  Some videos of Dashboard Confessional recording their new album, some photos of Ben Stiller behind the scenes at Jay Leno, or a video on how President Obama stays in shape? 

Ever since the invention of online social media – these are the things that I have been waiting for.  Call it weird, call it creepy, call it stalker – but I love the Internet and the idea of the “
4th dimension” made possible through social media.  What do I mean by this?  Well for starters, now you can know what your favorite band is doing, where an actor is eating lunch, or what is going on behind the scenes of True Blood.  What’s the problem then?  The problem lies in the fact that while many people are taking note of this issue, in my opinion, not many are using social media to their full advantage. 

What brought this whole idea up?  Well, today was the launch of fitness model and actor Greg Plitt’s new website (
http://www.gregplitt.com).  Before you go to the site and judge this guy on his appearance, let it be known that he more than just a fitness model, he’s an inspirational speaker, a West Point Grad, an Army Ranger, and a workout guru.  He’s got a huge amount of followers, and what does he do?  He creates a website where they can see what he’s done, what he’s doing, how he stays in shape, how he eats, who he meets, and how he’s gotten to where he has.   It breaks down that wall that so many celebrities put up, and allows fans to truly connect with who he is and what he’s done. 

 There are other people doing this too, the first few that come to mind being Ashton Kutcher, Oprah Winfrey, and Ellen Degeneres.  Ellen and Oprah both post monologues, photos, videos, contests, recommendations, insights, and opinions on their respective mediums every day.  Usually this involves Twitter, Facebook, and their own branded websites but things such as texts and emails are expanding the spectrum daily.  Ashton Kutcher now hires a production crew to go with him everywhere, documenting his every day life from a behind the scenes interview with Conan O’Brien to a candid bikini shot of wife Demi Moore while on vacation (which received over 950,000 views on twitter -
http://twitpic.com/2bj58 - ).  He hosts web.tv shows on Ustream, he has his own television show on Facebook, and he’s constantly letting fans in on the life that is “Ashton Kutcher.”  This obviously isn’t a fad, rather a phenomenon, seeing as a recent stat claims, Ashton Kutcher and Ellen Degeneres have more Twitter followers than the entire populations of Ireland, Norway and Panama.”  That’s proof.

Actors and models aren’t the only ones getting in on this online action.  Bands are constantly updating Twitter with where they are and what they’re doing, giving fans behind the scenes photos and videos, and breaking down the barrier between listener and artist.  I’m still waiting for the “4th dimension” to be broken down further on this one though.  Why can’t we get live streams of Dave Matthews in the studio recording his new album, a live feed of Blink 182’s pre-show ritual, or a behind the scenes look at how Kings of Leon drummer, Nathan Followill, chooses his drum set.  Maybe it’s just me wanting to be a part of something greater, or maybe it is a whole new opportunity that isn’t being tapped into by many of today’s entertainers.

I’m still waiting patiently for this wall to break down completely.  I don’t even watch Football, but I just spent four hours glued to the television for a show called “Hard Knocks:  Preseason with the Bengals.”  Why?  Because it’s interesting to see what these football players go though, their families, their training, their ups and downs.  The behind the scenes reality.  I just read an article about Obama’s personal health plan documenting his daily workout regimen.  Tell me you wouldn’t be interested in hearing what the president of the United States bench presses each day, what he eats, and how far he runs.  It’s these small facts, these random thoughts, and these little ideas that get me going, and it’s these same thoughts that I think are paving the way for the future of social media.

Why do I post these blogs? 
Because I believe that someone out there is reading them and getting a little sneak peak into my life.  If I were an actor, I’d have videos of life on the set.  If I were a model, I’d be posting pictures of all the girls I worked with, and if I were musician, I’d put a webcam up during one our practices.  It’s this “4th dimension” that I think will be crucial for success in the entertainment industry in the future.  Those who can embrace it and attack it with strategy will connect with fans on a more personal scale, something becoming more and more important in today’s society.

My next blog will be a more intelligent study of this phenomenon and the power this “4th dimension" has in terms of consumer spending and brands.  More specifically I’ll dive into the importance of social media strategy for companies like Vitamin Water, Red Bull, Gatorade, and Target and the importance of having an online personality and interactive brand in a crowded market of competitors.

I want to hear your thoughts on this.  Are there any celebrities, blogs, websites you follow?  Do you ever wish you could know more about your favorite entertainer?  Give me some scoop in the comments.  I welcome any
insights, ideas, or opinions you may have.

9/11/2009 08:51:02 am

This is good stuff, definitely like that 4th Dimension idea.

9/12/2009 07:35:59 am

I really think people would be interested in the 4th dimension, especially when it comes to their favorite television shows. People love shows like Gossip Girl and 90210, and I think that it would be cool to see what goes on behind the scenes, to see what the actors are like in real life. I also like the athlete idea. I think boys would like this because they could see what workouts their favorite athletes did or what products they buy, etc. This would be very cool!

9/27/2009 02:58:40 pm

Can I get a 4th dimension on Adam Brody (AKA "Seth Cohen" on The OC)? I'm curious why such a talented actor has fallen off the face of the earth!?


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