Hey guys, 

For anyone checking in, I apologize for the lack of consistant blog posts.  I've been doing some traveling here lately starting out in Cape Girardeau, MO, heading West to Fulton, MO then catching a plane to Fort Worth, TX to spend some time with my girlfriend.  This blog will continue to be my main priority as I plan to write more op-ed style pieces on my job search, job thoughts, and industry ideas.

If you haven't noticed yet, I do have another blog up and running called "The Daily Interest."  It's more of an entertainment-driven site with my favorite ads, movie trailers, and internet videos.  I'll also be posting some industry news on that blog as well.  The reason I decided to make this site was so that I could keep this as more of an intellectual portfolio.  I'm working on some powerpoint presentations that I plan on embedding into this site as well as some educational articles that I have been spending some time on.  I also got a book review that I plan on posting here soon.

A lot of stuff in the works. but the main priority is finding a job.  I'm building a brand, but it won't be much use if I don't find an outlet to use it.  I'll keep you posted here, but thank you for checking in.  Lots of exciting stuff to come and I'm glad you guys want to be a part of it.

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