So there's been much debate about Twitter and whether or not it's the new fad or the next step in social networking.  For those of you who don't know, Twitter describes itself as a social network that asks "What are you doing?" in 140 characters or less.  Now for your everyday person, Twitter usually consists of a post such as "Laying out by the pool" or "Watching the Cardinals destroy the Pirates", however, companies are finding ways to reach consumers on a whole new level by using Twitter to communicate promotions, news stories, press releases, and brand-driven message to any individual who wants to follow them.  

Pizza Hut has decided to do something that I think is pretty cool.  Wether or not it is worth the money, worth the time, or effective from the companies marketing standpoint is still being determined,  but they have hired what they call a "Twintern" - an intern whose sole job is to communicate brand messages across Twitter and increase interest in the company through the newest form of social media.  What does her job consist of?  Tweeting, growing Pizza Hut's followers list, building interest in the company, planning events to advertise on Twitter, and holding conversations with the brand's loyal followers.  In an interview with ad week, Pizza Hut's Twintern states, "Brands want to be where their consumers are, and where those consumers are having a conversation. You definitely want to be a part of that so you can contribute more. If your consumers are all on Twitter, why wouldn't you join in? That's Pizza Hut's philosophy."

From a marketing standpoint, I like this idea.  Do I think it is a full-time job?  I'm not so sure.  But do I wish more companies would take a leap of faith and enter into these new forms of social media?  Most definitely.   Being a recent college graduate and someone who considers myself deeply immersed in social media and web 2.0, I think these are the challenges and tasks that are generation will be industry leaders in.  For me, it is inspiring to see a company such as Pizza Hut, taking part in these new forms of technology and putting faith in the hands of the younger generation to take the company to the next level.  I know I'll be following along to see where this idea takes them.

In closing, I want to know what you think of the Twintern posistion?  Stupid name, unnecessary expense, or strike of genius?  Leave your comments in the replies.
8/10/2009 07:16:04 am

One thing this twitter does remind me of is the companies our of the dot com collapse. The company makes no profit and is usually only makes news when a celeb rants or when it is included into a news segment. The only thing I saw that was "neat" coming from twitter were post coming out of Iran in the recent farce of an election held a few months ago. protesters took to the streets but not a single news crew was allowed to roll tape. Youtube and twitter were the only news outlets available. This gave twitter a bit credibility because at least you could hear directly from the mouths of the young generation over there. However like I said in an earlier post I don't see the app, making a huge splash in the media besides on CNN with the dildo rich sanches who cant get enough of it. he picks and chooses which comments he wants to add to the discussion and will even sometimes read who wrote the comment and more often than not its from "ganztarap42" thus completely wiping out any credibility the idiot had in the first place. If Pizza Hut is looking for a way to gin up some ideas and get in touch with the younger generation, they missed the boat already on twitter I think. They need to think further down the line and not forget who they are, they sell pizza for petes sake, I'm not seeing the connection to twitter, and if there is one its not going to hit a home run by any means. One last comment, I've always been amazed that companies dont run their old commercials, like 90's or 80's commercials, but better to get some activity with the old crowd than to remind them of how great it was when they were a kid! plus every old commercial is hilarious and you automatically have hilarity when you look at the outfits and the graphics. what we need are reminders not "something new". Your thoughts?

8/10/2009 08:22:02 am

I think that this idea from Pizza Hut is good for the younger generations because a lot of young people are on these social networking sites. Kids these days play on the computer a lot, so this is where they are going to get their information from. I think other companies may follow suit. Oh, and I like the name "twintern." :-)


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