Hey everyone.  Sorry for the lack of updates.  Been a rough week house/dog sitting for my sister, having the girlfriend in town, and working very hard on a project that I will soon post here on Buff's Blog.  

A lot of good things are happening right now, and I'll soon be posting some details on each of them.  In terms of blog updates, these next few days are a little crazy.  

Expect a post Monday 10/12 at around 8:00PM on some big developments in mobile marketing. 

Also, expect a blog post Wednesday afternoon outlining some information from a St. Louis Advertising Club event that I will be attending Tuesday at Avatar studios, a leading full-service production company in St. Louis (http://www.avatar-studios.com/)  

Lastly, expect a very cool multimedia presentation this Thursday in the Afternoon.  I have been working hard on it for the past few days and am looking to have it done by Thursday morning.  Can't say much about it yet, but I'll get it out to you guys soon.

Thanks for stopping by, come back now.

- Buffa

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