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I love viral videos.  What exactly are they?  They're videos created by marketers to create word-of-mouth buzz through social networks.  I'm no expert on the matter, but I'm learning more and more everyday.  Case in point.  Rawlings.  Rawlings is a leading producer of sports equipment, most noticeably in baseball.  Gloves, bats, helmets, shoes.  You name it - they make it. 
The most recent addition to the Rawlings lineup is the Power Fusion Bat.  It's a $300 bat with one heck of a sweet spot and its target demographic is 12-21 year olds.  While the upper half of that section will be impressed with the bat's specs, something drastic needed to take place that would motivate the younger generation to want the bat.  Instead of advertising the bat directly to the kids, they decided to let the kids find the bat.

Adamson Advertising out of St. Louis, MO was given the task to create a buzz for the brand.  What did they do?  They went viral. They started by putting flyers on cars at baseball games advertising a fake windshield repair service that had been getting a lot of recent work due to the Power Fusion Bat.  How genius is that?  It got people talking, it got the word out, and it was a flyer - one of the cheapest forms of advertising out there. 
What put the product in the spotlight though?  It's a viral video that got over one million views on Youtube and became the talk of the town in baseball forums everywhere.  Below I've linked to the clip.  An apparently homemade video of a boy struggling to break a pinata.  As the struggle continues, he's given a different bat, the power fusion bat, and the rest is history.  The message clearly  delivers itself.

Check out the video below, and feel free to leave your insights on what you think of Adamson's viral campaign for Rawlings.