I'm taking a day off to get some work done and write a blog on how Advertising relates to summer swimming pool games.  Sound weird?  It is, but I think it'll offer a great analogy for how advertising can affect big and small businesses.  In the mean time, I'll leave you with  a link to a good friend of mines new website, DJ Haze Phenomenon.  He's a radio personality and a free agent looking for his next stop in the industry.  Check out his aircheck and videos.  Very talented guy who's held the #1 spot in STL on Z107.7. 
Haze Phenomenon

See ya'll back here tomorrow.
Over the past few weeks a lot of visitors have came across this site/blog.  What do I mean by a lot?  Well, about a 120 people came by just yesterday, a number which, by my standards, seems pretty high for a blog about...well...let's see here - stuff?

A lot of people wander in here and I'm unsure if they truly get the idea behind this blog.  Why do I get this feeling?  Because the more I read, research, write, and re-word; the more I feel like I'm struggling to find a purpose with this blog.  With that, I wanted to take some time to actually describe what this blog should be about, what I'm trying to accomplish, and what will probably, more than likely, be included as blog topics from here on out.

The site is, at its core, an online portfolio.  As it says in my bio, I love movies, music, and pop culture.  I'm a brand driven consumer, a marketing major, and an (m)ad man at heart, and I want to express my ideas, insights, and opinions on all the things that interest me.  

The most important thing I want to get out of this blog is knowledge on all the creative processes ad agencies go through in order to convey messages to consumers.  By studying different mediums, new technologies, and the creative concepts behind today's most innovative advertisements and conveying their message to you, I will not only be staying up to date on the industry myself, but spreading the message to you, the readers, as well.

I also plan on adding some spice to the mix by throwing in movie previews, music reviews, blogs on my favorite products (grooming, tech, or fashion) in an effort inform people about what I'm currently interested in.  Everyone has their interests.  Some people check ESPN, others check Perez Hilten, CBS, or CNN.  My favorites are entertainment, fashion, fitness, technology, movie, music, or marketing stories.  I want people to come to this site, take a look at what I have to say, and make a judgement on whether or not the topics interest them enough to come around again.  

I have one more week at my current job, then it's on to the next step.  What is the next step?  It's an experiment I'll be working on.  Right now I'm calling  it a research project, a job search, a marketing ploy, or a waste of time.  I'm fighting against the latter.  Whatever it ends up being, I plan on keeping you in the loop on this blog.  I'll have more time on my hands, and I'll be shooting for blog updates every day, or as often as possible.  I'm not for everyone, and I don't expect everyone to love my blog, but I do have a passion, I think I have a point, and I'd love for you to stick around.

Alright, so anyone reading this is probably thinking, "Buff lost it."  "He's gone crazy!"  "He's got too much time on his hands."  Truth be told, it's pretty much the opposite.  I'm slaving 50+ hours a week at a job that doesn't really make me happy.  That's why I'm here.  I'm planning some big things in the future, and I'm organizing my life around them.  I'm planning on posting my first "BIG IDEA" blog tonight at around Midnight and I'm hoping you guys will come back and weigh in with your thoughts in the comments section.  For now, I'll tide you over with a little blog about...you guessed it...my favorite Men's Grooming Products.