I've got a series of advertisements that I've made over the past few years hidden away on my hard drive that I've decided to share with you guys every once in a while.  This is one that I did for an internship application that dealt with an assignment based around Subway. 

The goal of the assignment was to create a print, television, and radio ad that would increase Subway's weekend sales.  The commercial I decided to make was a media hybrid.  The long version (shown below) would be the version shown online and at movie theaters.  It is a simple slideshow of everyday people interacting in everyday situations.  A shorter version could be crafted for television and (if the budget was there) would be shot using video rather than still frames.  Why do I think the movie theater is the most important aspect of this campaign - because tons of parents take thier children to see movies over the weekend and this would drive home the message.  On top of that, people going to movies on Friday and Saturday will be reminded of a smart option for the rest of the weekend. 

I decided to take the emotional approach to this ad as well, to keep things family oriented and to appeal to families who do get together and live a healthy lifestyle.  Now, I'm just rambling, but I'll let the ad speak for itself.

Fresh enough for Subway or far too stale?  Let me know in the comments.