HBO's True Blood is one of the best television shows to come out within last 5 years.  Hands down.  Is it for everyone?  Probably not, but ratings are pretty much golden as season 2 reaches it midpoint.  

It's pretty obvious that were living in the time of the vampire.  Twilight is the biggest movie of the year, the trailer for New Moon is getting millions of hits each day, and one of the best shows on television is about vampires and humans coexisting.  Need more details?

True Blood, at its core, is a story about humans and vampires coexisting.  Synthetic blood, called True Blood, makes it possible for vampires to exist without feeding on humans.  Does this stop all of them?  No, but it does stop some, leading to  a great story full of love, action, hate, and hostility.  

In order to reach a larger audience, HBO decided to hire a creative agency out of L.A. called Digital Kitchen to really bring the marketing up a notch.  What was the objective?  Create buzz.  What did the company do?  Partnered with some very large corporations in creating mock ads for vampires.  Monster, Harley Davidson, and Gillette all got in on the action, and it paved the way for some truly entertaining and attention-grabbing advertisements.  

In addition to creating these mock ads for vampires, Digital Kitchen went one step further down the viral direction.  They created viral videos that outline a crazy event caught on camera, mainly focusing on the idea of the "shapeshifter," a character within the series that has the ability to change from a human to an animal at any point in time (ending up naked at the transformation).  What did these videos do?  Create buzz, attention, and get people thinking WTF.  That's what viral videos do, they get people talking, and from what I've seen, I'll be talking, and I think my friends will too.  

Enjoy some of the ads and viral videos below or feel free to check them out at Digital Kitchen's website:  http://www.d-kitchen.com/projects/True-Blood-Season-2-Campaign

7/27/2009 12:27:14 pm

Good ad campaign! Makes me want to start watching the show!


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