I promised you guys a big idea and here's what I got.  I want a new job.  Easy enough right?  Wrong!  The economy is in a slump, companies are low on funds, and only the best and the brightest are getting hired.  Am i the best?  More than likely.  Am I the brightest?  Without a doubt.  But despite those facts, getting noticed in a crowded marketplace can be a bit of a challenge.   What's the big idea you ask?  To get noticed.  How's it going to be executed?  Thats the part I'm still hashing out.  Below I've got three big ideas, all equally rough, but creative nonetheless.  Here it goes:

1.  Create an interactive box and send it to companies. Whether it be a picture of me that pops up, a voice box that greets them with a message, heck I've even heard of someone sending a box filled with tabasco sauce and a card saying, "Hire me if you want to spice things up."  Very basic concepts that, if done correctly, may put me in the right direction or get my foot in the door.

2.  Market myself as a product or a service.  Create an advertising plan or creative brief based on myself and my qualifications.  Attach all of this in a document and send it with a press release announcing my induction back into the hiring pool.  Send it to each company I am interested in.  Simple, but different.  I could even do market research as to what kind of person I am, what I'm good at, and what sets me apart from competitors.  The list goes on and on.

3.  Create an awesome invitation in photoshop to an online event which will occur on this website at a certain time on a certain date.  The event isn't planned yet, but I'm thinking it will be a video debut.  It will be a extremely well shot, cut, and edited video outlining me as the next big player in advertising.  Say I send the invite to 20 companies, 10 throw the invitation away, 8 don't log on to watch it, but 2 do - I'm thinking those two would be impressed with the production.  I would also include my creative process behind the whole thing along with the invitation to draw more interest from companies.

I'm not going to lie.  THis is a BIG idea.  Not only am I unsure if I could even pull any of them off, but I'm unsure how agencies would even react. Would they laugh, understand, or scoff at my so called "self-marketing."  I'm not sure, but it's only big idea #1, so I won't worry too much just yet. 

Feel free to weigh in with you own ideas and opinions in my comments section.

- Buff

7/26/2009 04:50:31 am

Loved the big ideas! Which one do you think you'll go with?

7/27/2009 04:38:43 am

Maybe checking your spelling and grammer would be a good way to get a job. You are COCKY.

7/28/2009 04:10:26 am

Interesting argument. You should leave me a link to your blog so I can learn a few things.

8/5/2009 04:30:35 am

Love you, love your ideas, I think its great stuff and I cant wait to put it into action! keep the ideas comin haha


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