I love the movie, but I didn't really understand it.  Rent it for the action, the tech, and the toys.  Faithful adaptation of the original.
** Redbox Recommended
This movie is far from Good.  Stay as far away as possible.  Even Ari Gold fans won't find an ounce of comedy here.
Awesome indie flick with Ashton Kutcher.  If you like him, you'll like it.  If you hate him, you'll hate it.  More of a guys movie - very adult.
A decent romantic comedy.  Good chemistry between Butler and Heigl. Not THAT funny, but worth a rental.  Guys - great date flick.
An amazing story told through some amazing actors.  Don't expect to learn too much about Nixon/Watergate, but expect to be entertained.

*Redbox Recommended
400 Million Dollar Budget.  Can't be too bad right?  Bad Actors, great action.  I am pleasantly surprised.

*Redbox Recommended
The film feels forced.  It's almost too smart for its own good.  Either way, the script is amazing.  You'll walk away with 15-20 great quotes to share with friends.
I'll save you 132 characters:  Megan Fox.
A horror movie on acid after drinking 12 cans of Amp Energy Drink.  Got surround sound?  Rent this movie.  Very campy, but fun. 
Ryan Reynolds can only do some much.  A decent rom-com with an annoying lead.  Replace Bullock with Anniston and I'd be a much happier guy.

Red Box Recommended